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Lodi, California is a beautiful city loaded with activities and restaurants for people of all ages. Lodi is filled with over 50 wineries, 5 museums, 100 restaurants and hundreds of everyday activities for both children and adults. Lodi is a small exclusive wine country convienatley located 30 minutes away from the state’s capital Sacramento. More importantly Lodi is a city filled with families. Come  discover us!

#1) Wine Tasting-According to Lodi is an upcoming wine tasting hotspot. “It has over 75,000 acres of vineyards and almost 60 wineries producing 18% of California’s total wine grape production”.

#2) Float down the Mokelumne river! Lodi is fortunate to have the beautiful Mokelumne River run through its city which is fresh melted snow water from Lake Tahoe. The river is a wonderful chance for family members or friends to go tubbing, fishing or even enjoy a peaceful picnic along the riverbank.Not to mention there is no charge for enjoying mother nature!

#3) Feeling adventurous? Come visit Lodi’s Serpentarium. You can find up to 50 different breeds of snakes, lizards and other reptiles. You can come to learn all about these beautiful creatures or just come take a picture with one!

#4) Visit the famous Phillips farm. Come enjoy one of Lodi’s best kept secrets by feeding dozens of different farm animals, going on a traditional hay ride, eating from the Phillips Farm locally grown cafe, picking your own wild flowers that are grown in the pasture, or even take home some homemade jam or pie. This is a great spot for children to play with animals in a safe environment while their parents watch close by, enjoying fine Lodi wine and appetizers at the Japanese Koi pond.

#5) Its Sky diving time Lodi Style! The Lodi Parachute center is where you can learn the latest training techniques and the safest ways to jump and sky dive from a plane. The Parachute Center works with people of all skydiving levels. So drop in! 🙂

#6) If you are looking for a more relaxed approach to enjoying Lodi come play a nice quite game of golf or tennis at the Woodbridge Golf and Country Club and treat yourself to a nice lunch at their award-winning cafe.

# 7) After you go sky diving or play a nice round of golf come to Wine and Roses Spa and enjoy a massage, a manicure or pedicure, a facial and enjoy some of Lodi’s fine wines while you relax in the flower garden. Wine and Roses also has an award-winning restaurant and has activities available for children of all ages.

#8) Looking for a nice visit to a museum? Lodi is filled with up to five museums open 6 days a week. Including the World of Wonders Science Museum, the Hill House Museum and the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum.

#9) Love to eat? Lodi is filled with over one hundred exotic and traditional cuisines to satisfy anyones tastes. Italian lovers? Come to Pietros Italian restaurant for a family atmosphere and large portions. Holy Cannoli it’s tasty!  Lodi also is filled with award-winning Thai restaurant, Taste of Thai and a low-priced sushi bar named Matsuyama. To visit more steakhouses, Mexican, Chinese, New-American and Indian restaurants visit

#10) Have you always been  interested in brewing your own beer? Lodi Brewing Co. is a small exclusive way to brew your own beer with family and friends and enjoy tasty fried food appetizers. Make a reservation today!

Come experience family, friends, exotic wines and a beautiful scenary!


Posted March 1, 2011 by lro1

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