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Iron your button down shirts and press your work slacks because the Saint Mary’s College career fair is in town! SMC’s AMA presents “Marketing’s Meet the Firms” executed fourteen firms from all around the Bay Area looking for some selective intelligent SMC students to catch thier eye. The fair was located in the Soda Center were representatives from every firm stood proudly behind their tables. The tables were dressed boldly with company slogans, symbolistic design and informational pamphlets. The intimate room allowed the first time career-goers to relax under the stressful circumstances of the event.

The first table that caught my eye was Southern Wine & Spirits which is one of the country’s largest recognized adult beverage distribution companies. Southern Wine & Spirits seemes to be a perfect career choice right out of college because of its positive working space, optimism and helpful tips towards building confidence in face to face sales. The work hours consist of early mornings which allows more flexibility in scheduling afternoon hours. I was impressed with Southern Wine & Spirits ability to trust undergraduates entirely with working as individual sale representatives for the company. This company appeals to the younger more outgoing, spunky  demographic and desires to grant employment to people who strongly want to be salesmen and women. This growing establishment comprises well-known brands such as Belvedere, Patron, Crown Royal, Dom Perignon and many more. This company who is dedicated to sales and service of alcohol rewards fresh, exciting ways to promote new products for their company. Although this was the first table I approached it helped me realize that the real world allows room for the creative mind and is not as serious as one would think. Their slogan, “Pour your future into our glass” reassured me that at Southern Wine and Spirits everyone is working as a family for one common goal; trust in the company and they will take care of you.

After briefly browsing through some of the other firm tables such as Stage Two, and Insight Global I found myself at the feet of a non-profit organization named ARF ( animal rescue foundation). Arf is an animal rescue organization that specializes in animal care and other volunteer services through out the East Bay. Head volunteer service manager Jenn Suzuki informed interested students about the importance of college graduates working for non-profit companies. Suzuki stressed that in order for companies like ARF to excel they need knowledgable graduates who are experienced in marketing and development design. ARF seems to be a great intern opportunity for SMC students who will be living in Moraga during the Summer because they will have the luxury of working with local animals and gaining P.R. experience in a non-stressful work enviroment. ARF is looking for innovative ways to improve the overall operation of this organizations and help get people to fundraise for this good cause. I wish I would have known about this great opportunity to expand my marketing knowledge, while staying local and benefiting a great cause when I was a frehsmen or sophmore.

Throughout my evening at the career event I felt both excited and anxious about my future after SMC. Although I am not exactly interested in either companies I talked to I enjoyed the experience of exchanging resumes and gaining interview knowledge. In a way the fair helped me realize that life outside college is not as stressful and arduous as I had anticipated it to be.


Posted April 1, 2011 by lro1

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