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Erin Hassilly a former Saint Mary’s College professor has mastered the art of a simplistic press release throughout her 25 years of campus bulletin expereince. As the editor of Saint Mary’s magazine and a public relations represenitive for SHELL, she understands the best of both the journalism and P.R. worlds. Hassilly brought up the valid point of studying both internal and external communications through the public affairs department and knowing both the good and bad  about the company  you are representing. Just like in any field the sharpest and most prepared employee always rises above the rest.

In order to promote ones bussiness or self a P.R. represenitive must know how to produce an explosive press release. A press release holds more importance then beats the eye according to Erin Hassilly. It must be simple and directly state its point through eye catching facts and visually pleasing images. A press release should never be a thought-provoking piece of literature. In it’s basic sense its job is to supply truthful energizing facts about whatever is being promoting. Hassilly complied with Professor Dennis Erokan’s statment declaring never to tell a lie in P.R., because sooner or later everyone gets caught. Hassilly stated it best herself, “the cover up is worse then the crime.”

During the Shell petrolium scandal that caused several Martinez civilians to have damaged cars Hassilly handeled the pridicament like a professional. Her first step towards crisis managament was to tell SHELL customers the complete truth about why and how the spill spray became toxic. SHELL emediatley admitted to the spray damage and offered to clean homes and pay damages on any destryoed property. By taking emmdeiate action she made SHELL customers feel safe and at home with the company even if crisis occured again.

Journalisn is a neccesity for good public relations. Since writing a strong press release is a vital advertising tactic to get the public to pay attention to a certain place or thing, good writing is a necessity. Hassilly helped point out the simplicity in the complex public relations world which is if you do your homeowork and take responsibility of your actions you will always come out on top. I appreciated her calmness in discussing crisis management and how although problems will unevitibley occur they can always be resolved. She left us with another last valulable notion of adivce which was “always keep the door open” when working with anyone. It is never wise to shut off connections with anyone and networking at all times is a must becuase you never know how they can help you or your compnay out later down the road.


Posted April 5, 2011 by lro1

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