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Molly Blaisdell

Molly Blaisdell the presisdent of local Public relations firm Hook, Line and Thinker shared her twenty plus years of pulic realtions experience while enforcing the importance of personal style and personality in the P.R. work force. Blaisdell’s boundless marketing and public relations skills were very prevelaent by her larger then life personality and sense of humor. As a soon to be graduate of Saint Mary’s its refreshing to see that the workforce is not as serious as its played out to be. Blaisdell made it very clear that a likeable and outgoing personality is a must in order to be successful in this people persons industry.

Blaisdell’s background in promoting exective bussiness, geological companies and non-profit organizations is extremley extensive. Bliasdell a proud mother of two stands as a role model for young female college graduates that they can have a family and a successful career. Her work with PATA (Pacific, Asia, Travel, Association) and HSMAI (Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International) has been awarded and claimed well respected by her clients and fellow colleagues.

Molly Blaisdell’s adventurous outlook and attitude towards public realtions makes me want to jump into the industry and get involved. Her travel oppotunities are emense and her strategic attach at promoting new compnaies and firms is highly respectable. She taught me the importance of not loosing yourself in a serious workforce. Her vivacious and passionate attitude towards representing firms and clients was respectable but more importatnly made public relations look fun. Being able to trust your agent is one of the most admirable qualities that they can obtain. She seemed to always put herself on the clients level and always put them before her. Thank you Molly Blaisdell for your witty personality, helpful public relation advice, ambitous attitude and cocktail jokes.


Posted March 8, 2011 by lro1

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