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The Natural Colors of Moraga   Leave a comment

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Moraga, California the home of Saint Mary’s College of California is a beautiful scenic city conveniently located on the outskirts of the busy Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco.

1) Saint Marys college is a wonderful place to go on a calming hike through the red wood grove. The picture like settings filled with tall deep, brown trunks and canopies of lush greenery. If you are looking for more of a challenge hike up to the cross and feel the cool Moraga breeze while enjoying the hill-top view.

2) A small city filled with spirit. Moraga is the home for the Saint Mary’s Gaels and everyone in Moraga is dedicated to supporting the College’s athletic programs. Saint Mary’s Rugby program is rapidly growing into one of the most popular sports on campus. Admission is free and the home games are always filled with local Moraga families and supportive SMC students.

3) Hearst art gallery is the home of paintings from William Keith, water colors from Morris Grave and over 600 other pieces of eclectic artwork that has been collected over the generations. Admission is only $4 and the gallery is open 11:00am-4:00pm Wednesday-Sunday.

4) Saint Mary’s college is one of the few schools that offers a Janterm program. Students are able to choose one class that is outside of their major and study it all month-long. Not to mention these classes are far from your average academic college course. Always been interested in wine? The Janterm program offers a winemaking course for students of age. Other classes are history and culture of north beach San Francisco, history of the bicycle, hip-hop politics and a handful of month-long travel opportunities in countries like South Africa, India, Middle East, Europe, Asia and even the United States. To watch a blog from the India trip click here!

5) You can run but you can’t hide from the Saint Mary’s Gaelforce! Come to one of the SMC mens or women’s basketball games in Mckean pavilion and sit among 3,000 gael fans. The games are uplifting and always filled with wild gael fans, fun time out games, entertaining performances by the spirit team and a refreshing snack bar.

6) Saint Mary’s students are fortunate enough to work in small classrooms and work one on one with the professors. This grants a student an exclusive opportunity to expand their knowledge by communicating with their classmates and building a positive relationship with the Saint Mary’s College esteemed faculty.

7) Interested  in the performing Arts? Saint Mary’s the home of many talented dancers, actors and musicians. The program offers more than six performances a school year and is a rapidly growing major and minor amongst the students. Come support the arts!

8) Saint Mary’s College offers an exclusive Seminar program which are discussion based classes on famous Greek, Roman, and 20th century literature. The classrooms are designed a circle which allow the students to dispute their thoughts of what the literature is expressing. A SMC graduate from the 1982 class states,” Out of all the classes I took in law school no class prepared me better for the court room then seminar at SMC”.

9) Saint Mary’s College has a beautiful chapel located right in the center of campus. It’s beauty is seen right as you drive into the gates of the school and shines bright in the Moraga night. This exclusive chapel gives the students of Saint Mary’s a chance to practice their faith amongst the brothers and the Moraga community. Come embrace this La Sallian tradition!

10) Saint Mary’s is conveniently located in the beautiful East Bay. This grants students the opportunity to travel to Berkeley, Oakland, Walnut Creek and even San Francisco on a last-minute notice. Saint Mary’s is tucked away in the quiet hills of Moraga so if you are looking for some city excitement the fun is not far away!


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Denis Erokan-Guest Speaker   Leave a comment

On February 18th a small classroom at Saint Marys College was blessed with the presence of well-known public relations specialist Denis Erokan. He informed the class with his background experience in the public relations world and how he  handles crisis problems in his work field. Although all of his advice was helpful and well-respected he strongly enforced two messages that made a strong impression on everyone. One, make journalist think they are in charge and two, don’t lie because they will never believe you again. After hearing this it then became apparent how important it is to know everything about who you are representing and always being in the know about the environments that you are in. I have been in the Performing Arts department for the past four years and one thing that they instil in their students is “always know who your audience is”. The same concept applies to people in the public relations world. Denis Erokan made it clear how important it is to let your clients know that they are in good hands and know matter what the circumstances are they will be taken care of.

Crisis communication and issue management is a must in regards to running a positive and efficient work place. It is extremely important for a public relations agent to know what to do when things go wrong. There is no telling what crisis can occur and how severe it may be. The valuable approach is to always have a back up plan for injured clients, destroyed merchandise or products, and any other endless issues that may occur. Defining crises that may occur and informing all managers and employees is the first step of keeping a company in the know. Managing media access, assigning press spokespeople and verifying media information are things that must be done regularly to keep up with the ever-changing life outside and inside a public relations company.

Denis Erokan was an influential guest speaker on so many different levels for a an entry public relations course. He introduced work ethic strategies and taught the class thought-provoking advice on how to keep financial and media crisis under control. He explained the importance of having vision in who and what a person is representing and how to demonstrate confidence to the public. Denis Erokan was a refreshing character who inspired us all to looking further into the public relations world. He also left the class with his card so students could contact him in regards to paid internship. Thank you Denis Erokan!

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