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Assignments #1: Who or what needs P.R.?

Lets all get up and dance! As a member of the Saint Mary’s College Dance company for the past four years I would say that although the company is growing we could use some major help advertising this incredible program. The dance company which is primarily a modern based company is filled will all different experience and age levels. The art of dancing is something that is a big part of every culture. As we all know America is melting pot of many beautiful cultural traditions from all corners of the earth and many of those traditions are dance. The dance company could use more P.R. because dancing is a refreshing way to express yourself, stay fit and meet others outside your major. It is relevent to say that not everyone is the dancing type which is perfectly ok but we do have two amazing performances a year that rarely ever sell out. Come support the arts! Dancing is another form of communicating and if more people were aware and interested in this ever-changing art SMC could be a more diverse and self-expressive college. With the stress of seminars, language requirements, capstone and major classes dance can be a wonderful outlet for people to grow intellectually in a different department. The dance faculty is filled with well established bay area choreographers Dana Lawton, CatherineMarie Davalos, Jia Wu, Roasana Barragon and Pope Flynn. These dancers and choreographers come from many cultural backgrounds such as Colombia, Ghana, China and other Latin American decent. With this wide variety of cultural influence the dance company is always willing to broaden their ideas and visions of dance. Help grow this culturally accepting family by participating in a freeing aerobic art!


Posted February 22, 2011 by lro1

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